About Us

Sanders & Associates, a legal nurse consulting company, was established in 2003. In 2012, Sanders & Associates founder, Pauline Sanders, recognized the massive change the healthcare industry was soon to embark upon with the Affordable Care Act. She developed a case management education program designed to meet the industry’s demand for qualified case managers under the company name of elite Case Management. After a well-received launch, participants demanded more, and elite Case Management went back to the drawing board to meet those needs. In 2013, elite Case Management launched elite Online, an online, on-demand education, and professional development course.

In January 2017, the team at Sanders and Associates reviewed our business models and decided to merge the two companies into one single business. The merger allowed Sanders & Associates to combine our case management courses, risk management courses, and legal nursing courses & consultation under one company to leverage our education and training which utilize our instructors’ multiple talents. Many of our instructors have functioned in various areas and have experience in all of the transitional courses.

We are pleased with the merger and excited about the great features that will enable you to take your career growth to the next level with either live classes or the online learning experience which will maximize your Rapid Career Transformation.

Our Vision

To educate, coach, consult, and mentor nurses and other healthcare people to be extraordinary in their career growth.

Our Mission

The mission of Sanders & Associates is to provide practical and effective education and development to fully prepare participants for a successful career transition into the fields of case management, risk management, or legal nurse consulting.

Sanders & Associates creates an easy path for nurses and health care professionals to advance to the next step in their career growth by offering online, on-demand programs, as well as live workshops, which will allow you to train at your own pace, anytime, and anywhere in the world.

At Sanders & Associates, we take a detailed approach to education.  Our number one goal is to ensure that our participants are educated and well prepared to move into their desired healthcare role.  We educate, coach, consult and mentor the participants who come to us for their career growth.  We exist to support your career goals.  It is this philosophy that sets Sanders & Associates apart from our competitors.

Our Instructors

At Sanders & Associates, our instructors have over 150 years of combined nursing and healthcare experience. Our combined efforts have produced several courses focusing on the various needs of the nurse and healthcare professional. Each education course module is designed to offer a realistic approach to performing the task and duties delegated to nurses and healthcare providers who may function in the chosen role of a case manager, risk manager, or legal nurse.

Each instructor and course facilitator at Sanders & Associates must have a minimum of 5 years of practical nursing and/ or healthcare subject matter experience in the area of instruction. The majority of our instructors possess over 20 years of experience in healthcare.