Case Management and Charge Nurse Collaboration

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Purpose :This course is designed to briefly outline the expectations in the collaborative process with the charge nurse and the case manager on the nursing unit and/or department. The charge nurse has oversight of the staff and patients on his/her unit during the assigned shift. The case manager is the staff member who can assist, along with the provider, with the movement of the patient along the continuum of care. The charge nurse and the case manager work collaboratively to review the patient’s clinical status to ensure that he/she is in the appropriate clinical setting for his/her current condition. If the collaboration between the two determines that from a charge nurse and case management perspective, it seems the patient should be in a different setting or is ready for transition to a discharge status, the provider is brought into the discussion to approve another level of care and/or explain to the team members why the patient is to be left at the current unit/department.

Course Objectives:

  • Define case management
  • Define the role of the charge nurse in the case management process.
  • Define the provider’s role in case management.
  • Discuss how case management of the patient is effective when the multidisciplinary team approach is used with the staff to ensure the plan of care is clearly defined.

Outcome :The staff, charge nurse, case manager, provider, and patient are clear on the intended plan of care for the patient. The charge nurse ensures that the patient and/or family are aware of the plan of care and the plan is reinforced by the assigned bedside nurse through repeated education. The case manager works with the unit/department staff and patient to connect with necessary resources to maintain the most effective care during the acute setting as well as plan for the eventual discharge to his/her resident. The charge nurse and case manager collaboration will increase the chances for a smooth transition from hospital/skilled facility/rehabilitation unit to patient’s resident. Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to clearly define and identify the purpose of the collaborative working relationship of the charge nurse and the case manager in the healthcare setting.