Legal Report Writing for the Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)

6CEUs (Live Workshop) 1 Day

Purpose :This workshop is a practice orientation to introduce the LNC to report writing for legal case reviews. The workshop will cove basic legal research tips for the LNC and discuss how the LNC can write with clarity so the litigation team can become educated on clinical matters.

The workshop will discuss the report that an LNC should write upon completion of the medical record review and analysis. The LNC must have clarity of the purpose for the written report. Often the litigation team will request a written report for various reasons such as to educate the team on key clinical findings, or inform the team about questions to ask opposing counsel, or request to convey deviations from the standard of care.

This one day workshop will provide the framework for legal report writing from a legal nurse perspective. The discussion will include a practical case study for participants to experience the written product which will focus on writing clearly, concisely, and professionally.


  • Define the purpose of a legal nurse consultant report.
  • Demonstrate the steps in legal research for legal nurses.
  • Articulate how to brief a case during the written report.
  • Delineate three types of reports in which legal nurses may be requested to write.
  • Apply the techniques from this workshop to draft a written report from a legal nurse perspective.

Outcome :At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to delineate different types of reports that can be written by the legal nurse.

Participants will be able to clarify the purpose of the written report with the litigation team.

Finally, participants will apply the writing techniques to draft a written report which can be presented to the litigation team.