The Seven Steps to Become an LNC

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Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to define the role of legal nurses.  Legal nurse consulting is a specialty area of nursing which came to the forefront of nursing and litigation in the mid to late 1980’s.  Legal nurse consulting is a relatively new career path that is still unraveling in both nursing and law.  This is an exciting career opportunity for the nurses who have had several years of experience in healthcare.

Changing career directions can be challenging.  This course poses some critical questions and encourages the experienced nurse to do research to determine if this is the direction to steer your career.   A nurse can become a legal nurse with part-time work, full-time work, practice independently as a business owner, or practice as an employee in a law firm or insurance company.

By the end of this course, you will have questions that you will need to answer and resources to help prepare you to make an informed decision about becoming a legal nurse consultant.


  • Define legal nurse consulting.
  • Describe potential practice areas for legal nurses.
  • Discuss the recommended experience and background of nurses in transition to become legal nurses.
  • Delineate the difference between an independent legal nurse and an employed legal nurse.
  • List steps that are critical to becoming a legal nurse.
  • Explain the mindset of a nurse business entrepreneur.


Participants who complete this course will have an overview of what the legal nurse consultant’s roles are in today’s healthcare environment.  The participant will understand how the legal nurse can support the litigation team.   Finally, participants will conclude by challenging their mind as to whether they want to be a business entrepreneur legal nurse or become a legal nurse consultant for a firm.