Root Cause Analysis Workshop (RCA)

6 CEUs (Live workshop) 1 Day

Purpose : The purpose of this workshop is to help the healthcare worker to understand the principles used to determine the root cause of an event that have occurred in error and is determined to be a system issue. The participants will understand the RCA process and be able to discuss the role of the team members in the RCA meeting. Every organization has an RCA process that may differ slightly from the discussions in this workshop. The goal of the RCA process in healthcare is always the same. The workshop will conclude with a group analysis of real life events that will provide participants with the practical experience of the RCA process.

Course Objectives:

  • Define the purpose of a RCA.
  • Identify patient safety concerns during the RCA process.
  • Determine how to investigate and uncover system issues that has caused harm to a patient or has the potential to harm.
  • Identify the steps to take in preparation for the RCA meeting.
  • Define what human factors may contribute to errors in healthcare.
  • Explain how to prepare RCA group members for the RCA meeting.
  • Utilize case studies to analyze the RCA process steps.
  • Explain the reasons behind the 5 “Why s” that is used during the RCA meeting.
  • Describe how to write clear and concise reports post RCA meetings.

Outcome :At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to explain what a root cause analysis is and why it is important to have a RCA meeting when events occur or when events have the potential to occur. The participants will be able to identify key components in an investigation and become aware of the key stakeholders for the event. Finally, participants will be able to identify the key steps to prepare for the RCA group meeting, record the action plans that were agreed upon, and monitor the actions to determine if the system fixes are completed.