Mary Frances Fields,RN

Mary Frances Fields,RN,BSN, MSN

Mary Frances has over 30 years of nursing experience which includes medical-surgical, emergency department, nursing instructor, public health department, utilization management, and case management.

She is registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of North Alabama and a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Phoenix.

Frances’ outstanding case management experience includes extensive work with active duty military soldiers in transition into the community to their families. She has assisted staff with behavioral issues which included post traumatic stress disease (PTSD). Her passion for this work has created a seamless return to the home for many military personnel.

She has been employed with the Mississippi Department of Health where she was a strong advocate for women and children. She coordinated preventive health program measures for eleven counties throughout the state. She developed, implemented, and coordinated the nursing practice standards for the preventive health program.

She is professionally affiliated with the American Nursing Association, Mississippi Nursing Association, Case Management Association, and Mississippi Public Health Association.

Frances is an expert in her field of practice. She has a passion for speaking up for the patient in the advocacy role. She knows that speaking up may not always be the most popular thing, but if will always be the right thing to do. She takes pleasure in openly communicating and embracing the entire healthcare team. She is an excellent teacher, mentor, care coordinator.