Risk Management Program

(Coming In 2021) 

Welcome to the Risk Management Program offered by Sanders & Associates. Our company offers boot camps and other courses to help nurses and healthcare professionals to transition into a new career path by using their skills, education, and clinical background to focus on a specific position of their choosing. The Risk Management Bootcamp is one of the boot camps that offer a rapid career transformation experience along with complimentary coaching for your new transition.


15 CEUs Online

21.5 CEUs 3-day Workshop


Workshop Description:

This workshop is a boot camp. Participants who complete this risk management educational workshop will have a well rounded basic knowledge that will assist them in entering the wide-open field of healthcare risk management. This course will also enhance the knowledge base of people who hold current risk management positions. Participants in this workshop will immediately become conversant and be able to collaborate with providers, patients, families, and the multidisciplinary healthcare team about ongoing patient safety and risk reduction strategies.

The Risk Management Bootcamp is intense, fast-paced, and will involve interactive group activities, teamwork, and real-life case analysis. The workshops have group breakouts to problem solve case studies.

The Risk Management Bootcamp consists of six modules that will provide an overview and define the purpose of healthcare risk management. The modules provide details on every aspect of medical risk management which includes hospital management, ambulatory risk management, regulations, risk management programs, risk management data analysis, and risk management’s role in the patient safety program.

  • Modules one and two provide an intense overview of the risk manager’s roles and responsibilities. Each module consists of real-life medical case studies for participants to practice their learning.
  • Modules three, four, and five provide an actual caseload for the participants to obtain the risk management experience to analyze, prioritize, and work their assignments within the interactive groups in order to get practical virtual experience and get constructive instructor feedback.
  • Module six is a summary of current events in contemporary risk management arenas.

What’s in it for you?

Risk Management Bootcamp 21.5 CEUs 3 Day Workshop

Risk Management Bootcamp 15 CEUs Online


Risk Management is a role that requires the use of many individual skills and the ability to think critically to accomplish the desired patient outcome. This workshop will provide you with in-depth education on the expectations of a risk manager in most areas that are encountered along the care continuum. If you are already working as a nurse risk manager, you will be given a refresher and is guaranteed to be introduced to at least one area of risk management that you are not currently exposed to. If you are a nurse, social worker, or health care worker who is expecting to transition to risk management or have the desire to pursue this role soon, you will be able to “hit the ground running” after participating in this intense, interactive coursework.

Sanders & Associates are committed to assisting you with value-added preparation to enter into a risk management role. The assistance can be pursued through mentoring, coaching, resume review, and interview preparation.

Additionally, there may be internships available to you in your local hospitals, local long-term care facilities, or local community agencies. Staff at Sanders & Associates receive inquiries from management companies and more specifically from hospital management companies that have opportunities for risk managers. Sanders & Associates may refer participants to these companies or may assist you in establishing internships once you have successfully completed the six modules.

Finally, throughout the workshops, instructors will highlight areas to focus on to prepare for risk management certification. You will receive a certificate of completion once you complete the course. However, to become certified in risk management, you will need to gain a specified number of hours of on the job experience to meet the requirements to write the risk management certification exam. There is a required application process for the organization that grants risk management certification.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Nurses 
  • Nurse Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Risk Managers
  • Risk Coordinators
  • Future Risk Managers
  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Community Risk Managers
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Quality Improvement Staff
  • Healthcare Attorneys
  • Providers