“This course was great. The workshop was fun and good networking opportunity. I needed to get a general understanding of the framework for case management. I work at a community based clinic. The course enlightened me on the critical points of working with culturally diverse families. There was some overlap with the instructor’s presentations on utilization management scrutiny. Great, great presentations!”

A. Ford

“The instructors’ presentations were informative. They exposed the class to additional interesting career options that are available to us as a case manager. I plan to apply for a position at an ambulatory care clinic so that I can become involved with chronic disease management.”

E. Boyd

“After this class, I will apply for a case manager’s position and continue to prepare for it. I will apply the knowledge in my current position to make discharges easier for my patients. I will collaborate with the care team to get resources for my patients.”

J. Natt

“I plan to incorporate the structure that I got from this workshop into my current role as a case manager. This workshop helped me to organize my approach to community based case management. What I have discovered about myself and practice as a case manager is that I have been practicing appropriately. I was just lacking the fundamental structure. Now that I have a great overview of what a case manager does on a day to day basis, I feel my work will be more streamlined and more efficient.”


”After this workshop, I will have the ability to develop/create structured training objectives for newly hired staff. I will be able to address their needs individually according to their skill sets.”

A. Dixon

“I am a case manager. After this boot camp, I will work with my high risk/current unresolved item patients and check on them more in person, not just by telephone alone. I now know the expectations of my role better.”

A. Jeet

“After this workshop I receive clarity and I will work part time as a case manager and hopefully move into full time work soon. I want to eventually specialize in one of the chronic diseases case manager’s role.”

A. McFarland

“This class has opened my understanding about what excellent case management is about. My idea before this class was that case managers are confined to a room where they do discharge and refer patients to outside facilities and the work is then done. I realized now that the job is continuous after discharge. I learned the importance of collaboration and patient centered care. This is a wonderful class!”

T. Andaya